Light and Shadow -The Warrior

The Warrior

Masai Mara | Kenia | 19 September 2017


Between traditions and technological progress, how to preserve your identity in the face of so many powerful external influences? Is the presentation of traditions to tourists just acting or a way to save the traditions? The ambition to survive with traditions in an over technologized world is very wise. It is not technology that brings us closer together, but it is our social abilities. Our social abilities are creating and preserving relationships. On the other hand, technology can help us to survive but it can make us very reliant. Sometimes it is just an exchange of dependencies.

To master life, we also need braveness, these young warriors will learn to face their deepest fears by being unprotected in the wildlife. They will only survive if they cooperate and trust each other.


1/400 s | f/5.6 | ISO-160